Westwind Double Reed
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Define your perfect reed

We believe that the perfect reed exists...it's just too hard to come by!
And it never lasts long enough either (hmmm...maybe that's why we
got into this business)!

The perfect reed...

  • Is different for each player
  • Helps us make our ideal sound
  • Responds consistently across the range of the instrument, so we can play freely without constant correction
  • Plays the most nuanced articulations
  • Is flexible so we can blend with other instruments effortlessly, yet project with shining clarity during solos
  • Is neither too hard nor too easy to blow, but is instead perfectly balanced so we don’t tire too quickly
  • Removes all things that hinder us so the whole world can hear what wonderful musicians
    we really are!

Your contributions

"...is different for different types of music, e.g. Wagner vs. Mozart"
John L

"...is centered and stable, making intonation trustworthy"
Patty M

"...is perfectly in tune at all times in all atmospheric conditions. It also has both consistency and longevity such that the user can adapt to it (assuming it sounds reasonably good in the first place)."
Tim D

What's your definition?

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What's your definition?

Join the discussion
on Facebook or add
your comments below.

We'll add your
thoughts to the list!

Just for fun

Check out the poem
written by Nicholas Todd
and Robert Probasco.

…or the delightfully
irreverent comic strip on the
quest for the perfect reed
from Obohemia.


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